Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BM3 Skills!

     A little teaser for the upcoming battle mode 3 in cabal on line. The 3rd Awakening will be patched very soon in cabal on line Philippines. But hey! Is it true that you can't be able to use BM3 during MWAR? Where are we gonna use such power then? Yeah I was right, that BM3 was made for dungeons exclusively. If I'm not mistaken, not all levels can use that battle mode, you have to be level 130/140 and up to be able to use it, and a lot of tasks for individual skills to be learned. However, upon having that battle mode, and acquiring its power, instantly your character will feel much stronger than whatever type of mob you are dealing with. Dungeons will be much easier to accomplish, with powerful and unique battle skills of each of the players.

    And also a full transformation of your character once it change to its battle mode?, and this is how it looks like:)..,Well anyway, these pictures and video were taken from cabal EU and hopefully my expectations will be awesome as much as this, at the moment that BM3 launched in cabal ph.

Happy gaming!and Welcome to Navareth.
  Credits toWormyvn of cabal EU for this video.

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